Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thesis is Complete

Will show at the 23rd Annual Dusty's Festival at The School of Visual Arts. This is a screen shot, although I edited this frame. The actual film has no shadows nor highlights on the character, just flat color. I learned a lot while working on this film, mainly painting, lighting, and better timing in animation. This project took a lot of sleepless days and nights, mainly because of those backgrounds, but the characters themselves were a bit detailed. Feels like I was testing myself but I doubt I'll make a film with that many characters and details again. Never hurst to try and I guess thesis was that time.
 These are some backgrounds: the house is for a subtle 3D Truck-in.

One interior background of the house, the picture frames are from left to right, a cameo of one of my friend's old characters, the middle and right are my 3 oldest original characters.

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